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Buyer's Agent Services are Always Free and Can Save You Thousands.

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  • The on-site agent represents the builder and although probably nice and cordial, not interested in aggressively negotiating with the builder as they have been hired by the builder to sell homes at a maximum price.
  • Contracts for new homes are written in the builder's favor in most cases. Having an experienced buyer's agent review these agreements can determine your satisfaction with closing the deal on the home. In the current market many builders are accepting industry standard contracts (contracts not written in their favor). Only a licensed real estate broker or agent can use this forms to your advantage.
  • The buyer's agent can shield you from aggressive on-site realtors who can tend to overstep boundaries in a constricting real estate market. A buyer's agent can make your new home shopping experience more focused on finding the right home and less time spent dealing with over zealous builder agents.
  • Builders have negotiating dollars built into their listing prices. They are already prepared to deduct thousands of dollars to make the unrepresented buyer feel like they negotiated a great deal. Truth is, there was probably money left on the table for the buyer.
  • A realtor representing you (buyer's agent) has more information at their fingertips regarding home values than is accessible by most people. Your realtor will know the fullest extent of negotiating limits. They should understand the area trends and have access to the data that will assist you in negotiating the best new home buying deal.
  • The builder's agent will almost always direct you to finance options in which they have an interest in. A buyer's agent will be able to help you explore other finance options and varying lender's to match your requirements.
  • Real estate market values are changing rapidly. Public online real estate values accessible to the buyer may be out of date. Only a licensed real estate agent will have full access to the most current pricing information better positioning you for negotiations.
  • Using a buyer's agent to negotiate on your behalf costs you nothing. Commissions are paid by the builder or seller. Contact John Dodson to be your buyer's agent.
  • In summation, not using a buyer's agent can cost you thousands in negotiating dollars and possibly leave you with a less than pleasant real estate buying experience. In addition, you may legally find using a builder's contract leaves you with little or no future power to resolve issues with your new home.
  • Let John Dodson represent you in your new home purchase. Why waste time, money and risk making critical mistakes going into a new home purchase without representation. Contact John Dodson as your buyer's agent.
  • If the area you are looking to purchase a new home in is not my area of expertise I will gladly research and find you an agent in that area ready and willing to serve you. Leave the research and interview process up to me.





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